Wednesday Week 7 (20/05/2020)

Reading fluency (15-30 mins): Read to self, read together OR read to me (Book Club text, another good fit book OR Epic!

Mrs Buckle’s Epic! Code: htl5326

Mrs Kenwright’s Epic! Code: ize9902

Today you are completing 2 Book Club Tasks – Connector and Summriser


Tune in:

Watch Mrs Buckle’s lesson on making connections

Learning Intention

  • We are learning to make connections with a text

Success Criteria

  • I can make a text-to-self connection (what does this text remind me about my own life?)
  • I can make a text-to-text connection (what other book/movie does this remind me of?)
  • I can make a text-to-world connection (what does this text remind me of in history or world events that I know about?)


Complete the Book Club role of Connector: Make connections with the text. Try to make one deep text-to-self, text-to-text and text-to-world connection


Tune in: 5 Finger Summary

Learning Intention

  • We are learning to create a concise summary on the assigned Book Club chapters

     Success Criteria

  • I can concisely summarise the main points of assigned chapters of a book
  • I can discuss the characters, setting, problem, solution & message or favourite part of

Picture Summary: Draw 6 pictures with one sentence each of what happened in the text to show a summary of the story (worksheet in pack). Ensure this includes who, where, problem & solution of the chapters.


□ Summariser: What happened in these chapters of the book? Think about who, where, the problem, the solution and the message or your favourite part of the assigned chapters. Complete this on loose leaf paper.

□ Extension (optional): Complete this role for another book OR complete both of the summarising tasks

□ Upload a photo to your journal on Seesaw Class (student) app to show your teacher



□ Spelling Fluency (10 minutes):  Highlight the vowel sounds/consonant sounds in your spelling words

Vowel And Consonant Posters & Worksheets | Teachers Pay Teachers

Tune In: Watch Mrs Kenwright’s video on drafting and editing information paragraphs

Learning Intention:

  • We are learning to draft and edit an information report section on Indigenous food

Success Criteria:

  • I can include a sub heading
  • I can use the facts and details about Indigenous food from my Informative Food Paragraph Planning template
  • I can write using paragraphs
  • I can use descriptive language and choose words carefully
  • I can edit my work and correct any errors


Using your planning from yesterday, draft/write the Food section of your Indigenous History information report.

Once you have drafted your piece, go back over it and check for spelling and punctuation errors and see if you need to up level any vocabulary or sentence structure. Make sure you have produced the best work you can.

Think of how you could use descriptive language in this paragraph. You still need to engage your reader and try to create a picture in their mind. 


□ Counting pattern fluency (10 minutes):

Roll a dice/flip a card multiplication

E.g. If your counting pattern is 3 and you roll a 4 answer:         3 x 4 = 12

Roll a 6:           3 x 6 = 18

Tune In: 

Tune in: Watch Mrs Kenwright’s video on the Split Strategy

Learning Intention: We are learning to use the split strategy to subtract 2 digit numbers

Success Criteria: 

I can split numbers using place value to subtract

I can show my working out when using the split strategy

Worksheet: Subtraction mental strategies – The Split Strategy (in Learning Pack)

Extension: Split Strategy Subtraction


Choose which specialist activities you would like to do for Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday. You are welcome to do all 4 if you choose!





Don’t forget to email your photos and videos to your specialist teachers!

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