Friday Week 7 (29th May)

Reading fluency (15-30 mins): Read to self, read together OR read to me (Book Club text, another good fit book OR Epic!

Mrs Buckle’s Epic! Code: htl5326

Mrs Kenwright’s Epic! Code: ize9902


□ Activity Option #1: Complete the Illustrator role for Book Club.

You could draw a:

  • sketch
  • cartoon 
  • diagram 
  • flow chart
  • stick figure scene. 

You can draw a picture of something specifically related to the book, or something that reminded you of, or a picture that conveys any idea or feeling that you get from the reading. You could draw the character in the setting, or the character doing something that has been described in the book.


□ Activity Option #2: Complete the Rainbow Serpent reading and comprehension task.


□ Spelling Fluency (10 minutes): Spelling check – get an adult to test you on your 10 spelling words from this week.


Finish off/reflect/improve on any piece completed this week


Pick a free choice writing prompt from Ultimate 100 Writing Prompts list:


□ Counting pattern fluency (10 minutes): Free choice on how to practice your counting goal. You could make a song, watch a YouTube clip, flip cards and answer times tables sums etc.

Click on this link and find your counting pattern on YouTube:

□ Activity: Complete any unfinished Maths tasks, extension tasks or assigned tasks on Mathletics.


□ Catch up on any unfinished specialist activities





□ Remember to email them photos of your work – they would love to see it!

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